Structuring your property purchase or your property ownership?

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The IVV is a knowledge centre and contact platform that guides its members in their real estate investment.

More than ever, real estate is an investment object undergoing complete transformation. Real estate may be a “certain” investment provided that this transformation is taken into account.

For whom?

The IVV focuses on private investors, as well as institutional investors, promoters, pension funds, banks and real estate professionals (notaries, lawyers, real estate agents, architects, etc.).

What exactly does the IVV do?

  • Providing an active knowledge platform to its partners, members, and other actors in the real estate sector
  • Performing study assignments and analyses of the transformation of real estate into its various forms
  • Actively assisting property investors and actors in the transformation of real estate in its various forms
  • Organising events where investors come into contact with other actors in the real estate sector
  • Analysing regulations in real estate and developing investment models

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