Our vision – Panta Rhei

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus announced 2500 years ago “panta rhei” or “everything flows constantly, everything is in motion”. More than ever, real estate is transforming. Anyone who does not take into account the various forms of transformation misses opportunities. Or worse.

The following forms of real estate transformation determine our future:

Social transformation

Social support for certain real estate projects and investments significantly affects new regulatory initiatives and legislation. The value and use of real estate are not an established fact, but are constantly changing due to social factors and sociological changes.

Investment transformation

Real estate investments are increasingly made in the form of regulated real estate companies, private funds, REITs or through all kinds of financial instruments (real estate certificates, etc.). Both commercial real estate and private real estate portfolios are involved in this transformation. Direct investment in bricks becomes the exception.

Legal and tax transformation

Legal and tax regulations are constantly changing, almost daily. Every property planning must take this into account. A property structure is usually only up-to-date when it starts up, and then requires constant legal and tax monitoring.

Digital transformation

Software is increasingly entering the management and use of buildings. Communication between real estate actors is increasingly done via email, WhatsApp, and other IT channels. E-commerce is changing the retail landscape and digital marketing is essential. Real estate is in the centre of a digital transformation.

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