Becoming a member of the IVV

Discover your benefits as a member of the IVV and what the IVV does for its members:

Study assignments and analyses regarding the legal, tax and financial aspects of acquiring, organising or managing real estate portfolios.

  • Development of investment models for real estate
  • Analysis of property regulations
  • The role of think tank, study centre and spokesperson to media, government and the public
  • An active platform for the exchange of knowledge between its members and other actors in the real estate sector
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops, study trips and company visits
  • Up-to-date information distributed by newsletters, through website and social media, etc…
  • Organising practice-oriented working groups,
  • Contributing to knowledge building through professional literature,

Membership of the IVV exists both for individuals and for companies and associations.
In their IVV membership, companies and associations themselves determine which and how many employees can participate in all IVV activities at a discount.

How to become a member: make an application via the form below or contact our secretariat.


  • Individual membership = 150,00 euros + VAT 21%
  • Companies or associations with the right to
  • 25 memberships = 500,00 euros + VAT 21%
  • 50 memberships = 1.000,00 euros + VAT 21%
  • 100 memberships = 2.000,00 euros + VAT 21%
  • +100 memberships : upon request

Upon acceptance of a membership application for companies and associations, a one-off administrative fee of 500,00 euro + VAT 21% will be charged (excluding young people -29y, students, trainees, etc.).

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