Accretio Fund

Real Estate Investment Service

Panta Rhei: everything is constantly changing.

Time for a different approach for institutional investors, family offices, and wealthy individuals who want to invest in real estate in a structured way starting from 10 million euros.

Our investment approach.

Accretio Funds – “Real Estate Investment Service” works according to a completely unique principle developed by the IVV (Institute for Real Estate Planning).

Accretio Funds has an extensive network of property professionals, promoters and experts with a continuous range of investment properties.
The Accretio Funds team selects according to strict criteria at the most competitive price from this continuous offering and offers you an all-in investment tailored to your needs.

The Accretio Funds team ensures a professional implementation of all aspects related to the acquisition, realisation, management and growth of your real estate portfolio.

As a property investor, you do not need to worry about the legal, tax and organisational aspects of the structure and management of your real estate portfolio.

Transparent cooperation.

A long-term investment requires trust. The basis of trust is transparency. Transparency requires a straightforward approach.

Accretio Funds offers an investment structure in which you, as an investor, invest directly and exclusively in property of your own preference, with a focus on residential real estate. What you see is what you get.

Accretio Funds aim for a stable investment, with an increasing dividend yield and a clear added value.

Our work is our signature.

The Accretio Funds team and network has many years of experience. It was built up through hundreds of transactions and projects, always with a focus on residential real estate. In a complex real estate environment, focus is more important than ever.

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